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NeddyCare natural horse care products.

Rich natural plant oils, essential oils & beeswax for healthy skin, healthy coat, conditioned supple leather

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Hot Horse Fly Shield - SprayHot Horse Fly Shield : Long lasting oilHot Horse Fly Shield EXTRA - Spray

All natural fly protection

Hot Horse Fly Shield

Made with essential oils and high quality botanical oils Fly Shield is gentle on your horse, you, the planet and yet tough on flies

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Hot Horse Fly Shield

NeddyCare products are made from the finest natural ingredients

"Our horses deserve the best natural products so I source the finest natural botanical oils, essential oils & waxes that I can find" : NeddyCare founder, Diane Kilshaw : "The light flowery scent pervading the calming lavender tones of Ride n Shine Leather Conditioner comes from local Gloucestershire beeswax"