Who are NeddyCare?

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So who are we? Have you heard of Hot Horse Showers? Well that's us, Hot Horse Shower Ltd. We were first in the market with affordable horse showers in 2011 and we've been the market leader since. Hot Horse Shower logo

Now the Hot Horse brand is branching out into the NeddyCare range of "lotions and potions" because we believe we can give you and your horse a better deal.




Founder: Diane Kilshaw

Hi, I'm Diane, the owner and director of Hot Horse Shower Ltd and I'm passionate about giving our horses the best deal in life. Owning 10 horses I come across aspects of their lives that I know could be better. In 2011 it was cold water for washing. This year I decided that our horses' skins need a better deal. I started with the problem of the plagues of biting horseflies in the summer of 2019. The resulting Hot Horse Fly Shield stopped them dead in their tracks and I was pleased to see how popular Fly Shield became in a short space of time. The product flew out of the door faster than any horse fly and it went to help many horses be free from horse flies this summer.

Now we're heading into winter I’m addressing the problem of mud and weather related problems. Our horses suffer in the cold damp British weather and their skin needs help. If your horse has suffered from mud fever you’ll appreciate how much he suffers and how hard it can be to relieve the symptoms and make him comfortable and support his skin while it heals.

So we’ve launched the NeddyCare range. NeddyCare products are based on the finest natural oils. The lotions and balms feed the skin from outside in. Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 as well as vitamins & minerals we use the cold pressed oils along with specifically chosen essential oils, all prized for their nourishing and/or healing properties.

We’re listing new products on the website as they become available throughout the autumn and winter. If you’d like to be kept up to date and informed of new products, interesting and helpful information and any offers or discounts going please do fill in the contact form. We’ll always respect your privacy and only interrupt your day when we think we’ve got something interesting that you’d like to know about

Our promise to you

We will only launch a product when it meets these essential criteria:

It works!

It's kind to your horse & you & your pets : Our products are based on natural organic oils using only the very best ingredients we can find. No nasty petrochemicals that may be a health hazard.  

It's kind to the environment : No petrochemicals with their wider impact on friendly insects like bees.

It's better for the planet : Where plastic is unavoidable we’ve chosen PET plastic which is recyclable. So please recycle all your packaging for us. We’re launching refills in light weight pouches made from recycled plastic to reduce the use of plastic bottles. We use biodegradable cardboard outer packaging for all our products.

It must not contribute to irresponsible deforestation. I couldn't possibly use raw materials that were causing the tragedy to those poor Orangutans. No deforestation palm oil in any of our products! No thank you!


All NeddyCare products contain high quality natural ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers

We have done our research and our ingredients are backed up with scientific evidence of their efficacy. We publish the key ingredients because we want you to know just how good they are. However we retain proprietary knowledge of our formulations so that we may stay ahead of our competition so that we may offer you the best products we can long into the future.