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Field Shield
Field Shield
Field Shield

Field Shield

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  • Helps protect skin in harsh environments
  • Helps keep skin supple and strong
  • Helps the skin’s waterproof barrier
  • Acts as a soothing equine moisturizer
  • Cold-pressed sunflower oil
  • Lanolin
  • Walnut oil
  • Tea tree & lavender essential oils
  • Apply to skin with nozzle precision
  • Massage in gently with clean fingers
  • Apply as necessary up to 2 x per day


Healthy skin performs as nature intended to keep the body inside healthy. It keeps moisture in and keeps the ever present environmental pathogens out. But there are times when it needs help.

In a typical cold wet muddy British winter your horse's feet & legs become vulnerable to environmental attack.  

Water softens the skins natural barrier layer.  When cold weather restricts the blood flow to the extremities the skins natural repair system is slowed down. Just as we get sore chapped hands after they've become cold and wet, so too can the pasterns of our horses. If infection from bacteria or fungus takes advantage of the skin's reduced defenses, then your horse succumbs to mud fever.

Applying oils to your horse's legs will help prevent the damage by creating a waterproof barrier, just like we apply moisturiser to our hands to prevent chapping. Any oil will help create a better waterproof barrier and will help to some degree, but the skin needs more than this. The skin absorbs nutrients through the hair follicles and so by applying natural oils, rich in those missing in the skin, the skin retains its healthy balance of oils and nutrients. .

NeddyCare Field Shield is made with 100% natural oils including lanolin, the grease sheep use to waterproof their fleece.

Lanolin has often been described as the perfect skin moisturising oil. Rich and thick it's a natural emollient as well as an occlusive, creating a breathable waterproof layer in the outer surface of the skin.

Cold pressed sunflower oil is a natural healing agent and walnut oil provides precious alpha linoleic acid which is so often lacking in compromised skin. They absorb well into the skin and so replenish the skin's oils before they're lost keeping the skin healthy and able to function at its optimum.

We add the essential oil Tea Tree to Field Shield for its well documented role as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents and Lavender is included for its soothing qualities.

We hope that you'll agree with us that Field Shield is helping your horses skin do the job we need it to do but with a little added luxury.  

Our horses deserve the best we can give them and NeddyCare uses nature's finest for your best friend.